About Embroidery 

What is the difference between embroidery and screen print?

Embroidery has the advantage of providing a three dimensional appearance. Embroidered logos have a unique character, durability and often a very precious look. Printing allows for more flexibility: in print, letters and details can be smaller and finer, and colors can be blended better. Also, embroidery does not allow for half toned colors.  Most logos that we receive were originally designed for printing so they need to be converted to an embroidery format.

What Will Your Logo Look Like In Embroidery?

We often need to “tweak” a logo to achieve the best results for embroidery.  To make sure everything meets your expectations, we will send you a stitch out sample, via e-mail, for your approval.

About small letters and fine details

Thread and needle thickness are limiting small lettering and fine logo details. Letters need to be at least 1/4 inch tall to retain legibility. Most printed logos have text that is smaller and require a little “reformatting”. Logos with intricate detail often need to be simplified to achieve consistent, reliable quality. 

Setup Fee, Embroidery Cost

Logos for embroidery must be digitized (the “setup”); this is the process where we convert your original logo to a format our embroidery machines can read. Embroidered logos are measured in stitches. The bigger and more complex the logo, the higher it’s “stitch count”.  The higher it’s “stitch count”, the longer it takes to digitize (higher set-up cost) and to embroider (higher cost per unit).

Embroidery Sample Images

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