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Ron LaFond - Screen Printing artist with Huber & Associates



What is needed to start the design work?

Since we develop each logo individually from scratch, we start with an e-mailed description of what you would like to see in the graphic.  You may also send us a scan of a drawing or
an electronic file that shows the basic design elements.

Can I use photographic images for a design?

Our state of the art production facility allows us to design and print photographic images as part of the graphic using process print technology. If you wish to provide photograph: large high resolution images will provide the best results.

Follow My Lead t-shirt design
Embassy Baghdad t-shirt design

How long does the design – printing process take & can I see the artwork?

Depending on complexity of the design it takes around 4-7 days to complete new artwork. Once the initial artwork is finished we will e-mail it to you for review.  Upon approval, it takes around 7-8 days to print the shirts.

What are the set-up costs for a custom designed shirt and how can i avoid set-up costs?

We support our troops by not charging any graphic fee for a new design. There is a very modest set-up cost per print color which covers color separations, films, screens and machine set-up. Unlike most screen printers, we do not charge set-up costs for re-orders of a shirt we printed before.

How good is the t-shirt quality?

We print on high quality preshrunk t-shirts only from all major brands made of 100 % cotton or 50/50 cotton/poly.  There are two quality levels for our t-shirts:

  1. Heavy T – Made of 100 % preshrunk heavy cotton or 50/50 cotton/poly – 5.6 oz weight.  A very good shirt, used mostly for events and incentive programs.
  2. Premium – Made of 100 % preshrunk ring spun heavy cotton – 6.1 oz weight. The “ring spun” treatment provides added softness to the shirts.

How much does a t-shirt cost?

T-shirt pricing is determined by five factors:

  1. Type of t-shirt (heavy or premium)
  2. T-shirt color (white is the least expensive)
  3. Number of print locations (front only, front and back, or with sleeve print)
  4. Number of print colors within one print location (the fewer colors, the lower the cost)
  5. Total quantity we can print of a design (the higher the quantity, the cheaper the shirt)

What shirt styles & colors are available?

  • T-shirts: short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, tank tops, women’s cut shirts, children & baby shirts.
  • Sweatshirts: regular crewneck, hoodies, zip hoodies (all in heavy or mid weight)
  • Other styles: polo shirts, dress shirts, jackets, sports uniforms – inquire what you are looking for.
  • All shirts are available in a wide array of colors. T-shirts and sweatshirts are available in the color sand which meets new uniform requirements.
Steampunk t-shirt image
Carnevale t-shirt image
Halloween Howl t-shirt image

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