Coins w/ 3D Details 

  • 3D marine corps custom challenge coinsIdeal for showing details in mascot images, aircraft, building
  • Can be as a 3-D “stand-alone”, as shown, or as part of a die struck enamel
  • Recommended size: 1-3/4”, or 2”
  • Recommended base metal: antique silver
  • Diamond cut, or epoxy cover, is not recommended

A coin can be a combination of a 2-D side and a 3-D side.  Not sure what the difference between 2-D and 3-D is? Here are some examples to help show the difference.

3-D Coins 2-D Coins
marine custom challenge coins secret service custom challenge coins
The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is 3-D. The coin is flat and has no rounded
or raised parts making it 2-D.
custom challenge coins 3D air force army custom challenge coins
The Hurricane is 3-D Everything is in color, no 3-D
3D border patrol challenge coins Coin of excellence
The dog is 3-D,
the text and circle is raised metal
The claw marks are engraved into the coin
which still allows it to be 2-D.
3D task force military coins security of defense challenge coins
The stars on this coin is 3-D. This coin is flat with no rounded
areas, making the coin 2-D.

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