Custom Coins

What is needed to start the design work?

Since we develop each logo individually from scratch, we start with an e-mailed description of what you would like to see in the graphic. You may also send us a scan of a drawing or an electronic file that shows the basic design elements.

What type of coins can I get?

The “typical coin” is a circular shape coin, which is die struck with enameling (coloring).
Popular variables to the typical coins are:

Examples of coin types

custom challenge coins

What coin sizes are available?

Standard sizes are 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, and 2”. 
Larger sizes up to 3-1/2” are possible, but are substantially more expensive.

What coin finishes are available?

Available base metal colors are:

  • bright gold
  • antique gold
  • bright silver
  • antique silver
  • bronze

Available finishes are:

  • Enameling (coloring)
  • Diamond cut edging (adds a very classy look to the coin)
  • Epoxy cover (also called eclear coating – protects enameling from getting scratched or chipped
  • Individual coin numbering or name engraving

What determines the set-up cost for a coin?

The set-up fee is for manufacturing the mold that is used for minting the coins and is charged per side of a coin.  For new coins a set-up fee for two (2) sides will apply. When changing one side of a coin, there will only be a fee for the (1) side that changes.  Even the slightest change to a coin will necessitate in manufacturing a new mould for that side. For changing the size of a coin we will have to produce two new molds, one for each side.
custom challenge coins mold

What determines the cost for a coin?

Coin cost is determined by the size of the coin, coin type, additional finishes added to the coin and by the quantity ordered. Since there are many variables to a coin, please inquire with details on what you would like to see on your coin.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is approximately 4-5 weeks after approval of the artwork.

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