Special Shape Coins

  • Shape options are almost unlimited
  • Contrary to round coins, which are based upon their diameter, cost for these coin is determined by measuring the longest point of the coins examples shown below: ace coin/2” ,  spiderweb coin/1-3/4” ,  snake coin/2”
  • Recommended size: 1-3/4” to 2-1/4”
  • Recommended base metal: works fine with all base metals available (antique silver, bright silver, antique gold, bright gold, bronze)
  • Cannot be finished with diamond cut edging, or epoxy cover
  • No extra set-up cost, standard set-up will apply
  • Dog tag style available
air force custom challenge coins
Sheriff custom challenge coins
Infantry army custom challenge coins
odd shaped custom challenge coins
gear-shaped coin by Huber & Associates
wheel-shaped coin by Huber & Associates

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